Juhi Pande – Love Hallmarked

Part of me is still a proponent of old school and I love to reminisce my growing years in the 90s. So much so that if hitherto found a piece missing from my jigsaw, I begin wandering in thorough search. Up until Channel [V] made a breakthrough shift to youth entertainment, it had caught the fancy of all those growing in the 90s as the go-to place  for all things music. Important embellishments of that territory have been some Video Jockeys that set out a cult status in the ever dynamic scheme of things.

One such face was Juhi Pande, the gorgeous VJ on a sugar rush, always channelizing miraculous amounts of energy towards all those watching added with a dash of positivity and a fabulous ‘X Factor’. I’d kneel to accept I had slowly started to miss her presence wondering what had caught the wonder girl’s eye between dabbling on various media. It all came to rest in the Feb of 2014 when out came her new baby, ‘Things Your Mother Never Told You About Love’.

My local library too suggested the read but up until then it was Juhi’s penned project did not hit me, the same girl I had admired forever.

The vulnerable journey of transforming from a girl to a woman with all the love that consumes things in between added with the learning the phase brings makes for a breezy yet practical journey. At no point is it preachy and the touch of humor to the author’s experiences makes it worthwhile your time and etches out well in your head. A book for girls and boys alike, it adds a dash of Purani Jeans to our otherwise quickly rotated lives in the present speeds.

She’s currently on a mission to rediscover India through her show, Sound Trek on Fox Traveler. Her journey only vows to surprise you each time but the contentment at each juncture is to die for.


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