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5 Reasons why not to make it to Raaga Factory

1. If Munni and Sheila are your favorite roomies, then the morning hangovers would be redundant, almost non-existent!

2. If principles of music are clearly etched in your head and you cannot see one genre married to another, you’d well be on your way to a massive break up. *Ouch! that’d ache*

3. You love the open air with jarring sounds being fed to your ears? Alas! they believe in feeding your soul.

4. Paintal ji has been providing free entertainment from next door at pitch-not-perfect voices. You’re up for a disappointing affair.

5. Weak hearted music enthusiasts and proponents of adulterated does-not-deserve-to-be-called-music will not be able to afford such rich music seeping into the deepest columns of their heart and mind.

For the uninitiated, Raaga Factory is the coziest music setting on the Dubai map with regular buffet served each month. You’d always have your plates full with refreshing sounds, instruments and artists alike willing to dish their signatures and a lot more with each setting. Its a beautiful coming together of the classic with contemporary. By creating a platform of expression for independent artists to create a melancholy of melodies is a commendable effort and we applaud Mitun De Sarkar along with Jyoti Karmali for tirelessly gifting the local music expression scene with such serenity. So does that leave you uneasy on your chair? Are you ready to be swept off your feet? Head to their next offering LIVE in Dubai this 29 March at The Q Underground, Holiday Inn Al Barsha from 8 pm onwards.

Tickets priced at AED 100 available at the entrance.

Raaga Factory