Prakash Padukone

Beyond the same field – Will cricket slip to second place ever?

The cricket religion is quite a tough one to convert to in a country that worships it unabashed. Gods are created and burnt over various formats of the game at near gunpoint, being adjudged at micro seconds. Coming of age, a new leap of faith is being chanced upon and those on forefront of these attempts are slowly sealing silent and sometimes loud but assured victories. Hockey, Soccer, Tennis and Badminton have slowly seeped into TV playlists of a cross section of consumers in league formats knocking more doors in Indian households by the day. Parallel to the movement are other lesser known games that are gaining foothold in the otherwise known cricket gallis. 

In a revolution of sorts, the movement is getting a kick with some highly accorded names conjoining together to alter winds in India’s sports scene. Kunal Kapoor who had successfully panned out a crowd sourcing initiative last year is back to tighten the laces and get people to notice the unsung, lesser known sports persons and put them under the glitterati. In association with the most celebrated Indian Badminton phenomenon, Prakash Padukone, Kunal is creating a short film on the mavericks in the field of shooting and discuss throwing who deserve their share of red carpet. The first print shall be webcast, raising important questions and an urge to shift gears in the games field. The critically acclaimed Chandan Roy Sanyal of Kaminey fame lends his impeccable voice to the film leaving one ponder over the near monopoly of one game in a country that celebrates so many religions.

I vote for all religions to co exist in high accords, even in games, do you?