Saad Khan

Why pulling this chain is worth it – Saad Khan

Saad Khan


I can hear the homecoming of the next train…the sounds are getting louder. I am ‘stationed’ at PVR. The honking set of metal compartments halt and out steps the man of the season, Saad Khan *with a warm smile*, director of the latest independent film to hit the 30 mm – ‘Station’. I decide to hear his story and proudly present to you the important pieces of our valuable exchange.

  • Pre ‘Station’, you were dabbling with?
Bunch of things from finishing a Film and Media degree from the United States to working with Ashutosh Gowariker to starting Centerstage in Bangalore.
  • Broad outline of the film making process on ‘Station’. From its seeding days to its full blossom this Friday.

It has been a mad joy ride. Seeding days go far back as September 2011. Lot of young people have worked on Station, and its been quite a journey. It makes me proud as a custodian to finally see it hit the screens which in my case is a big deal. It is raking good reviews from noted personnel and audiences alike and we are positive that people will sit up, take notice and watch this film for its content. Its a complicated plot and requires people not to take their eyes off the screen.

  • The experience of being nurtured by a phenomenon like Ashutosh Gowariker and finally breaking the shell to bask on your own.
Ashutosh Gowariker is the most modest person I have met. He is unassuming, kind and always pays heed to what you have to say, a mark of an exemplary creative person. His commendable attention to detail is something I too have imbibed. Above all else, the one thing I have taken forward from my experience with him is that no matter what, always respect people around you irrespective of their work profile on and off set.
  • Berlin, Cannes, Venice Festivals v/s Commercial runs?
Both please. Seeing returns for a film is crucial. Maybe a set number of people SHOULD be made to watch a film till it breaks even 🙂 Why? Films, according to me are made for viewing. Who views it? People. If the film is even decent, should/can more people watch it? Yes!! That helps filmmakers stand up again and move forward with some sort of relief.
  • Your bucket list for independent cinema?

Like what kind of independent films I would want to make? Multiple genres driven by edgy, unusual content to begin with, working with ‘stars’ as ‘character actors’, working with diverse technicians, marketing the film commercially and making people go to the multiplexes to watch it.

  • We know how audiences have come to acknowledge cinema that speaks a new voice. What could be a possible shortcoming of this large pool of amazing stories?
Compromising with the talent pool sometimes and not having known performers in your film affects the way people choose to see it or not.
  • What lies ahead for Mr. Saad?
Just ‘Station’ for the next few days. We are talking to strangers now and informing them about the film because we cannot afford high spends on publicity. This has become my new project now. Hopefully, there will be light on the other side of this tunnel.


We leave the platform hoping for many more travelers to visit the ‘Station’.  The pace shall leave you juggling between catching your breath and edging on your seat indeed. Catch a glimpse right here: